Wooden 100 Drawer Cabinet - $1,250 (Champaign)

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condition: excellent
I have a vintage, all wooden, 100 drawer cabinet with metal numbers and metal labeling slots on each drawer. Each drawer is in great condition and no missing drawers. No makers markings I can see. As mentioned, each drawer is numbered with a metal number plate and metal slot for labeling. Just a handful of metal number plates missing which are numbers 33, 85, 94, 100. There are no missing metal labeling slots. Everything looks to be original.

It needs a little cleaning, tender, love and care, to bring out its beauty. Drawers all slide in and out nice and easily (never replaced any drawers or drawer parts and I don’t think anyone had done so before I owned it) the whole thing is in great condition. I have no idea how old it is. Purchased in the central IL area and planned to clean it up and never got around to it. I know it could totally look awesome cleaned up and be useful or a decoration piece for your home.

It is attached to a wooden stand which gives it one shelf but looks like that was added on the bottom of the drawer cabinet itself.

Height with wooden stand underneath:
69 inches tall by 36 inches wide

Height without wooden stand, just drawer cabinet:
37 inches tall by 36 inches wide
(It is attached and will come with it but I don’t see why you couldn’t take off the bottom if you wish)

Inside of each drawer measurement:
6-3/4in long by 3in wide

Each drawer whole measurement:
8in length by 3in wide

Pick up only please & cash preferred.

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