Feeder/cleaner/pet bugs for reptiles, terrariums, etc! (Urbana)

Green near Urbana

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I have a few kinds of feeder/cleaner/pet bugs available to rehome! My colonies are a bit crowded right now so I have some resources to share. I might be open to trades, especially if it frees up space for me! Also, if someone is in need of rehoming any invertebrate(s) (and some reptiles, if their supplies are provided), I do reserve a part of my animal space for that if people are in need, and I don't charge a fee or anything if the enclosure etc is provided and if you can drop them off (I don't have transportation at the moment so it's just not possible for me, sorry!).

Magic potion (A. vulgare) $2 each
Gestroi (A. gestroi) $2 each
Panda king (Cubaris sp.) $2 each
Papaya (Cubaris sp.) $1 each
Zebra (A. maculatum) $1 each
Gem Mix (A. vulgare) 0.50 each
Giant canyon (P. dilatatus) 0.50 each
Dairy cow (P. laevis) 0.50 each
Milkback (P. laevis) 0.50 each
Orange laevis (P. laevis) 0.50 each
White laevis (P. laevis) 0.50 each
Powder orange (P. pruinosus) 0.50 each
Powder blue (P. pruinosus) 0.50 each
Oreo crumble (P. pruinosus) 0.50 each
Orange cream (P. pruinosus) 0.50 each
Orange scaber (P. scaber) 0.50 each
Dalmatian scaber (P. scaber) 0.50 each
White scaber (P. scaber) 0.50 each
Dwarf white (T. tomentosa) 0.10 each

Domino roaches (Therea petiveriana) - small nymphs $5
Warty glowspot roaches (Lucihormetica verrucosa) - small nymphs $5
Glowspot roaches (Lucihormetica subcincta) - small nymphs $5
Extinct cave roaches (Simandoa conserfariam) - small nymphs $5
Death's head roaches (Blaberus craniifer) - small nymphs $4
Halloween hissers (Elliptorhina javanica) - small nymphs $3
Flat horn hissers (Aeluropoda insignis) - small nymphs $3
Black tiger hissers (Gromphadorhina grandidieri "black") - small nymphs $2
Chrome roaches (Gyna caffrorum) - medium nymphs $2 each
Giant cave roach hybrids (Blaberus giganteus) - medium nymphs $2 each
Pantanal roaches (Eublaberus sp. "Pantanal") - small nymphs $1 each
Lobster roaches (Nauphoeta cinerea) - adults $1 each
Little Kenyan roaches (Paraplecta cf. minutissima) - mixed sizes 0.50 each

Baby tarantula:
Greenbottle blue 0.75" $40

Mealworm starter (T. molitor) - $5, but free with other purchase
Mini mealworm starter (A. diaperinus) - $5, but free with other purchase

Pick up at my place near Common Ground in Urbana, might be able to meet on campus some days if the weather is nice. I can take venmo, cashapp, paypal, or cash. Email if interested...thanks for looking!
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