Digital Protractor - $160 (Mattoon)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Kell Strom
model name / number: Aero Angle PRO 360
The Kell-Strom Aero Angle PRO 360 Digital Protractor is a measuring tool that provides an immediate digital reading of level, plumb, and all other angles in a 360° range. In very good condition, works perfectly.

Made of anodized aluminum with a liquid-filled sensor and a microprocessor circuit to provide accuracy throughout the digital protractor's 360° range. As the PRO 360 Protractor is moved, the liquid seeks a new position, resulting in changes in the electrical properties of the sensor. The microprocessor analyzes the changes and calculates the numbers seen on the display.

The PRO 360 operates normally in a standard reference mode where “level” is displayed as 0.0°. However, a new reference point for 0.0° can easily be established by pushing the ALT ZERO button. You can also "freeze" any angle displayed on the LCD screen by pushing the HOLD button.

The PRO 360 protractor does not need to be returned to the manufacturer or dealer for recalibration. You can test and recalibrate the PRO 360 Digital Protractor in just a few minutes – on-site and without any special fixtures.

Rigid plastic carrying case included. Optional magnetic base is included to attach to steel objects. Owner’s manual included.

Sale by cash, no shipping or deliveries available.

Full 360° range (90° x 4 quadrants)
Easy-to-read LCD display intelligently flips over when the unit is upside down
Precision-machined aluminum frame
Display Case Material is anodized aluminum

ALT ZERO Button (Alternate Ref.)
HOLD Button
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Directional Arrows for Level/Vertical

Accuracy: ±0.1° Level ±10°, Plumb ±10°, ±0.2° Maximum Error
Battery Life: 500 Hours on a Single 9V Battery
Repeatability: ±0.1°
Resolution: 0.1°
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 149°F)
Operating Temperature: -5°C to 50°C (23°F to 122°F)
Weight: 10.2 oz. (289 g)

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